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Accurate Appraisal, LLC
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Menasha, WI  54952
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Accurate is contracted by the Village of Vernon to set fair and equitable property values.  From time to time you may receive letters in the mail to verify property information. You will also receive mail from the assessor if there is an adjustment made to your property value due to a recent permit, a sale of a property, or a re-assessment of the entire community. The assessor uses open market sales to adjust all property in the city to market value every other year.

2023 Interim Market Update

The village is required by state statutes to maintain assessed values within 10% of fair market value. When assessed values fall below 90% or above 110% of market value, determined by the state using valid market sales, an interim market update is needed to bring property assessments into compliance with state statutes.

The last market updated was completed in 2020. Since then market values have changed and assessed values in the village are no longer in compliance. Assessors will use recent market sales (up to January 1, 2023) to determine new assessed values throughout the village.

You will receive a notice of new value in July, 2023. After you receive your notice the Open Book period will begin and you will have an opportunity to set an appointment online and provide your evidence to the assessor such as a recent appraisal or major conditional issues with your property.

Keep in mind that assessors do not set tax rates, it is their job to use proven market data to help them determine the market value of properties and set fair and equitable assessments.

After speaking with an assessor, if you with to contest your assessed value you can sign up for the Board of Review. This is a court-like setting in which you can provide evidence to the board to contest your assessment. Objection form and information is provided above.

2023 Assessment Timeline

Notices Mailing:  July
Open Book Period: Time you get your notice until August 15, 2023
In Person Roll Viewing: July 20, 2023 - 9:00am - 1:00pm (additional days may be added if needed)
Board of Review: August 22, 2023 - 5:00pm - 7:00pm

2023 Market Update Frequently Asked Questions:2023 Market Update Frequently Asked Questions 

Here is a helpful video about the assessment process:  What Do Assessors Do ?

Assessment Rolls:

VIEW:  Property Search
VIEW:  2023 Vernon's Preliminary Assessment Roll   (NOTE: Press Crtl F or Cmd F. A search bar will appear. You can then search the PDF.)
VIEW:  All Accurate Appraisal Assessor Roll Books (Not Yet Posted)

WI Department of Revenue:  Board of Review (BOR) - Information and Forms


On July 17, 2023 the 2023 tax rolls will be available and posted on the Assessor's page located on Village of Vernon website (please see above) or please come to the Clerk’s Office to review the assessments.

Open Book Beginning July 20, 2023
9:00am to 1:00 pm
Vernon Village Hall

If a property owner feels that their assessment is in error or questions the amount of their assessment, Open Book is where they should begin. This session is very important and allows the property owner to meet with the Village’s Assessor to discuss how the Assessor has calculated the assessment of the property in question. Pursuant to Sec. 70.45, Wis. Stats, the assessment roll for the year 2023 assessment will be open for examination beginning on July 20, 2023, from 9:00am until 1:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Additionally, an assessor from Accurate Assessment will be available in person at the Vernon Village Hall at W249S8910 Center Drive in the Village of Vernon on July 20, 2022,  and via phone on July 20 through August 15, 2023.

Instructional material will be provided at the Open Book to persons who wish to object to valuations under Sec. 70.47, Wis. Stats. If you wish to make an appointment, contact and go to appointments or contact Accurate at 920-749-8098. You can also email

Board of Review
August 22, 2022
5:00pm Vernon Village Hall

Board of Review allows the property owner to come and present their findings to the Board of Review where the property owner feels the Assessor has over valued their property. Residents are encouraged to first attend Open Book to discuss their concerns/questions with the Assessor before coming to Board of Review, however doing so is not required.