Dog Licenses/Hobby Kennel Licenses

Dog Licenses:  
Licenses are due after January 1st of the current year.  Fees are $15.00 per male or female dog and $10.00 per each neutered male or spayed female dog.  Although penalties are assessed after April 1st (add $25.00 per dog to the fee) if your dog is picked up after January 1st without a current Village of Vernon dog license, your dog will not be released without a current license plus additional fees and penalties.  All dogs five (5) months or older must be licensed before April 1st  to avoid a $25 penalty. To apply, please submit a 2021 Dog License Application and applicable fee.  Proof of rabies vaccination is also required at the time of registration. Please make a separate check payable to Village of Vernon.

Hobby Kennel Licenses:
Village of Vernon Ordinance §117-10 (B) Kennel Licensing requires a Hobby Kennel License for more than two (2)  dogs.  To apply, please submit a Hobby Kennel Application, a $100 non-refundable Application Fee, and $60 License Fee.  Return application and monies to the Clerk's office for an appointment with the Village Planner.  Additional fees and permits may be applicable.  Please make all checks payable to Village of Vernon. 

Please be a Responsible Pet Owner:
Residents are reminded of their responsibility to keep their pets and animals under their control and supervised at all times.  Village of Vernon ordinances do not allow any domestic animal to run at large. If you have a problem with an animal running at large, you can contact the Waukesha County Sheriff at 262-548-7122. To avoid problems, and for the welfare and safety of your pet and neighbors alike, be a responsible pet owner . . . please keep your loveable pet on your property and on a leash.