History of Clerk/Treasurer Position

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Town of Vernon Clerk/Treasurer & Elected Treasurer Documentation

At the Town of Vernon 2018 Annual meeting the elected Clerk and Treasuer's positions were eliminated by the power of the people at the Special Meeting in April of 2018. As a result of that action, on April 15, 2019 the elected Clerk and Treasuer's positions ended and on April 16, 2019 an appointed  Clerk/Treasurer began to service the Town of Vernon. The new position of appointed Clerk/Treasurer for the Town of Vernon is unlike other appointed Clerk/Treasurer positions in the State of Wisconsin. The Vernon Town Board approved the new job description and posted the position. As a result of the Town Board's action, Karen Schuh was named as the appointed Clerk/Treasurer begining April 16, 2019.

You will find documentation outlining position description, state statutes, audited financial reports, monthly reports, budgets and other pertinent documentation as it relates to the current Clerk/Treasurer position, its current deputies, past elected Clerk and full-time deputies, and the former Elected Treasurer position.  Please click on the above "Town of Vernon Clerk/Treasurer & Elected Treasurer Documentation" category to see all documentation available.  

If you would like to see any additional information, please feel free to contact us at 262.662.2039 or email clerk@townofvernon.org.