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Brush Pick -Up

SPRING  2024 · FREE · Brush Pick- UP

MAY 6th - MAY 17th, 2024
May 6th -May 10 East side of Center Dr.  pick-up 
May 13th - May 17th West side of Center Dr. pick-up 
Brush Only - No Grass Clippings / Leaf Piles / Garbage

Please Note: Please place your brush alongside the road with the butt end towards the road. Try and keep the piles organized as it allows the DPW to collect it at a good pace. Brush piles can be no bigger than 10 feet by 4 feet or the pile will be passed by. Nothing should be in lengths longer than 8 feet and no bigger than 14 inches in diameter. This is for typical tree trimming and NOT major tree-removal or property clearing.  If the Village determines that your brush exceeds normal practices, it may refuse the pick - up Please use a professional tree service for tree-removal/property clearing debris.
Once the DPW passes your house, they will not be returning. 
If you have any other questions, please contact the Director of Public Works Brett Bartels at: (262)662-7785.

For efficient service and safety reasons, we ask that you please follow these guidelines:

  • Brush must be no larger than 14 inches in diameter and no longer than 8 feet.

Thank You!

  • Open Burning & Burn Permit: Info
  • Yard Waste: Info
  • Composting: Info
  • Yard Waste & Composting: Info


Delivered: $30 per load
Self-Pick-Up:  FREE per load

We offer Wood Chips & Delivery to residents for a $30 fee per load or Self-Serve Woodchips for FREE (per a Town Board Motion dated February 6, 2020), simply complete an authorization form via website or at the Village Hall. Deliveries are Monday thru Friday.  Please contact the Village Hall prior to submitting request to see if woodchips will be/are available.  

Access Authorization Form:  Woodchip Form