REMINDER...Open Burning Requires Burn Permit

Just a reminder that a yearly Town of Vernon Burn Permit is now required. Before a property owner is authorized to set a fire on his/her property, the property owner must have a signed Burn Permit on file with the Town of Vernon Fire Department. Permit may be obtained from the Town Hall.  A copy can also be found on the Town of Vernon website under the Applications/Forms tab:  2020 Burn Permit

You will be required to follow the rules stated on the permit and you must have a copy of the rules in your possession during the open burn.  To apply for a 2019 Burn Permit, please return the signed bottom portion of the Burn Permit form with $10 (make checks payble to Town of Vernon) to the Town of Vernon Clerk's Office at W249S8910 Center Drive. To apply for a 2020 Burn Permit, please return the signed bottom portion of the Burn Permit form to the Town of Vernon, no fee is required.  This permit is valid January through December and you must apply for a new permit each year. 

Open Burning in the Town of Vernon during the COVID-19 pandemic is indeed ALLOWED.  Although burning permits are required by the DNR in many parts of the state to conduct burning outdoors and are also required by the DNR in forest fire protection areas when the ground is not completely snow-covered, DNR burning permits do not apply within incorporated cities and villages. Many municipalities have their own burning permit requirements. Many towns also have their own separate burning restrictions. THE TOWN OF VERNON HAS THEIR OWN SEPARATE BURNING ORDINANCE.
BEFORE burning, the Town of Vernon asks that you please have a FREE Burn Permit on file with the Town of Vernon and to comply with all requirements listed on the 2020 Burn Permit.  You can find a TOV Burn Permit on the Town's website: BURN PERMIT 
The DNR'S action to suspend their own burn permit is intended to reduce the frequency of wildfires, since the majority of wildfires in Wisconsin are caused by humans, and reduce the need for firefighters and other first responders to make contact with the public during the COVID-19 pandemic.
We hope this helps clarify Open Burn in the Town of Vernon during the COVID-19 pandemic.