UPDATE: Waukesha County No Longer to Host Electronics & Appliance Collection Events

At this time, the County will no longer be hosting electronics and appliance collection events. Unfortunately, Goodwill was unable to find another electronics recycler that was willing and able to take over the six County events for the remainder of the contract. The County stepped into this program area at the request of communities several years ago, and since then the landscape has changed making it easier for residents to safely and legally dispose of electronics at a variety of community locations. During a recent focus group, communities also expressed a desire to again host events without the County as there are now several free resources available to municipalities.

To support residents, the County has updated a list of disposal options on their website. Most conveniently, many haulers will collect these for a fee. Computers and appliances can typically be disposed of for free at a variety of locations. Computer monitors and TVs typically have a disposal fee, but are now accepted at a variety of locations. We always suggest calling a business prior to taking items for disposal and Waukesha County does not endorse any business.  

The City of Waukesha will host two TV/Electronics/Appliance Drop-Off Events in 2020 - March 28th and October 3rd - it will be OPEN to ANY resident from ANY community: INFO

Please be sure to check out Waukesha County's Recycling webpage for the most up-to-date info on ALL your recycling needs: https://www.waukeshacounty.gov/recycling/